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  3. J Mascis, 1989

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    Armed With A Mind | Have Heart

    Loving what you see, but you fear what you think 
    Because of your mind and your body
    There’s a missing fucking link
    That leaves you vulnerable, susceptible to pain
    You’re a garden of potential submerged in the rain

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  5. superbooked:

    My brain: I shouldn’t buy anymore books.

    My heart:

    Me all of the time

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  6. artichokehold:

    those jerks at culinary school always called me a weanie but look at me now

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  7. victoryindefeat:

    Sentenced myself with the selfish things I say, promises I break, and the way I refuse to let anyone in.
    Please let me make my amends.
    I’ll do Anything.

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  8. She was laughing even as we kissed and kissed again. There is no better taste than someone else’s laughter in your mouth.
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  9. The whip

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  10. hefuckin:

    constantly torn between “I’m a piece of shit” and “I’m fucking perfect, someone kiss me”

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